OPI Powder Perfection Brush Cleaner (Dip)

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 Brush Cleaner 15ml
OPI Powder Perfection Dipping Powder - Liquid system PRO 

How to Apply Dip Powder the Right Way
**Different light sources, more layers, + different monitors may make the colors look a little different**
1. Prep your nail. (File + Buff) - Brush off the dust, apply coat of Prep
2. Apply a thin coat of #1 Base Coat.
3. Immediately dip the tip of the entire nail into dip powder color (2-4 time).
4. Brush off excess powder.
5. Apply a thin coat of #1 Base Coat.
6. Apply one layer of #2 ACTIVATOR and dry 1 min.
7. File + buff the surface of nail till smooth
8. Brush off the dust
9. Apply a thin coat of #3 TOP COAT and dry 1 min.
10. Apply another thin coat of #3 TOP COAT + wait till completely dry (2 – 5 min).
11. Wash your hand with water or hand soap.
No UV light, LED light or Fans need.